Welcome to Thralling Penguin

Thralling Penguin LLC was founded to develop and extend software technologies for the most demanding business and government applications.

We design and develop architectures, applications, and processes to improve your bottom line. Our engineering expertise and broad implementation and consulting skills, enable us to deliver cost-effective, technology-based solutions.

Thralling Penguin LLC provides a full complement of IT services and solutions. Our engineers have a broad range of knowledge in various technologies, including:

  • In-depth experience with C/C++, PHP, Prolog, Common Lisp, and shell scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, LUA and Perl.
  • Fully fluent with Mac OS X, Solaris, Linux, and Microsoft operating systems.
  • DADHI & Zaptel driver knowledge for the Solaris and Linux operating systems.
  • Asterisk PBX knowledge for the Solaris and Linux operating systems.
  • Extensive networking experience with Cisco products and technologies through our Cisco certified engineers.
  • Design, implementation, and deployment of Voice over Internet Protocol systems.
  • Vast experience with LAMP (Linux/Apache/PHP/MySQL) development.
  • Vigorous experience with optimizing performance of MySQL & PostgreSQL database servers.
  • Many years experience with high-volume server tuning and optimization. We can provide 24/7 production support and operational planning.
  • Integrated system and network security.

Additionally, Thralling Penguin LLC offers a number of products meant to solve complex problems, simply. Please be certain to browse through our offerings.

Thralling Penguin LLC operates and maintains the SolarisVoip.com consortium which brings the power of the Asterisk PBX and Zaptel drivers to the Solaris operating system.

We have a number of other projects and resources listed in our Resources and Software area, please be sure to take advantage of those resources.